Saturday 11 February 2012

The three C's of football.

So, just a three fold plan, i) Attack well(Consistency) ; ii) Defend well(Co-ordination) ; ii) Get three points(Conversion). I don't care how we get it, I don't care if the goals come off Walcott's ass or Bardsley's face, just get the three points and let our competitors think what they want to do with their three points.

It's going to be a crucial week, and a win against Sunderland would put us into a very positive frame before the visit to San Siro. After which, we have some real tests ahead. This month will decide our fate, and not just in the Premier League. Well it will be a sequence of events that will follow, they might be positive or negative but the turning points is going to be the current month. AW cannot stress enough on this matter,

We go into a period that will decide our season, I think it is that important because in one week we play three games in three different competitions. In every single competition we are, of course, in a position where we want to win our games. It did not come off last season because one big disappointment can have a consequence on the next one.
It makes me confident this time because I feel the team has the mental strength and a fantastic attitude on a daily basis. And from what we have learned from last year.
Yes the last season debacle is still hurting like a thorn in every fans heart. But it is true, the mental strength that this team has shown this season is quite commendable, they need to match that with consistency and a desire to win, and not just A desire, a burning desire to be wanting to be the amongst the best, to recreate the magic we had 6-7 years ago. If it weren't for some unfortunate injuries, our season could have turned out quite differently.

Today's trip is going to be tricky with Sunderland's current run of form. But then class is permanent, form is just temporary. One thing that worries me a bit is our defending to set pieces, yes, it has looked a lot better this season, however, any free kick in a dangerous area and its going to be Seb Larsson to take it. He has a very impressive conversion rate this season and we need to be careful with our tackles in our half. He has already scored against us this season from a free kick. Sessegnon, who has been their most impressive player this season is still a doubt with some cramps. Obviously considering their midweek FA cup clash against Middlesborough which went into extra time, so there might be some tired legs.

Chamakh might start on the bench, and with Gibbs it is still unclear whether he'll be on the bench or in the starting 11. If he starts, the boss is going to have a problem with his defense, whether to play TV or Per. Kos might be given the nod. Some thought should be put into organising our players considering that we play Milan inside a week. So we need to keep our players as fresh as possible. It might not be a bad idea to rest TV or Kos for Sunderland and play both of them against Milan, given the pace of Milan's attacks we might need some pacy defending. Gervinho is still a week away from joining us, still, The Ox should be played sparingly, we might need to unleash him against Milan. Although, there's not much shuffling that we can do, given the lack of depth we have or, to be more precise, given the lack of quality in our depth of squad. I hope Wenger utilises Thierry as much as possible before he returns. Yes, he might come on as a substitute only, but the impact will be there.

Let's hope the consistency(that word keeps coming up consistently) sticks with the team from here on and hope our competitors lose points, given the issues they have had and there will be no stopping us for the top four place!

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