Tuesday 28 February 2012

Still bragging.

First league goal in two years, could there be more?

Don't you love these weeks where you brag about almost everything right from being a superman to being the best team in London! No nauseating feelings, just plain bliss. Everyone is on the top of the world after beating "them" and what a battering that was. Sure Rottenham won't forget that in a hurry. Hope it tampers their season effectively and 7 points doesn't look that far enough.

If you have a quick look at our season, we have had some amazing victories, some that made you believe that we could be the next Barcelona. For instance the 5-3 at Stamford Bridge, another London rival. It just showed you that a team with the kind of mental strength that we showed and with the technically sound players, you could beat anyone. The 7-1ders against Blackburn and the amazing winners against Leeds and Sunderland. I know those were scored by TH14, but it still was a team effort. If we can keep up that kind of spirit and determination a bit longer then there is everyone reason to believe that this team can go the distance.

The only problems with those wins has been that we have not maintained that momentum in the forthcoming matches. It's almost as if everyone goes on a vacation and there seems a sense of leniency there on. Only till the the water is up to our heads and everyone is going for their necks, do they come to their senses and come out with something absolutely marvelous like on Sunday. Somebody needs to stand behind them with a stick and I really think that AW should protect his players a little less. Not that it's a bad thing. Just look at Walcott, who would believe that he could be such a calm finisher, apart from the games against Chelsea and Rottenham? You know, most of his goals have come across the post, from the wings. Most of his misses have been when he has been straight through the defense and face to face with the keeper. But it all comes back to this.
Szczesny has showed his support for Theo and says,
He works very hard every day, scores a lot of goals in training and just needs to get the goals in games. But we are very pleased for him and we hope he can do it all over again in the games from now.
Even when he scored his first goal on Sunday you could see RVP's reaction and he just looked so happy when Theo got that goal. For me he has been far too inconsistent for a player who has played regularly in this team. If he needs to succeed, and with the Euros coming up, he has to give that kind of performance regularly. We don't expect goals in every match he plays, but you can just imagine the frustration when a ball is taken off his legs.

Wenger has heaped praises on the left footed sledgehammer of RVPs,
I think he has an exceptional technique, I mean really exceptional. I have seen many great players over 30 years but Robin van Persie's first touch is just exceptional. After that he has the qualities of left-footed players; they are very quick to finish, have great movement in the box and are very intelligent.
Szczesny sounds excited than ever when talking about RVP,
 He's not bad is he? He only scored one goal today though, which is really disappointing for him! We are used to him scoring a hat-trick. But he set up a couple and he was great. He worked very hard defensively, headed a few balls away when we defended corners and scored a fantastic goal. That's what he is all about - he is the best player in the Premier League and we are very pleased to have him.
And after you have seen that goal on Sunday, you just can't stop watching it. The more you watch it, the more it becomes difficult for you to believe the finish at the end of that shot. I hope the Arsenal Board sees how critical it is to retain RVP and God forbid they don't rue the summer that was or even the winter for that matter.

The next seven days are absolutely crucial, and in every way, going to training, doing the right thing there and coming out of it unscathed, also if that wasn't enough, we have international friendlies this week, so really hoping that everyone returns one-piece. We know that we are living on the edge when it comes to injuries and anymore of those and we will be really tight in the size of the squad. We go to Anfield next, and it can be one of the most intimidation places to go to. Liverpool have just won the League Cup and have every reason to believe that they can come out on top this weekend. However, beating Rottenham in that manner isn't short of any League Cup. I might sound like AW's "Top four is a trophy" phrase, at least what I am saying sounds and feels real enough.

We still have some crucial games in the league to play and so do Chelsea and Rotteham. Who knows, if we can do the opposite of what we did after last season's Carling cup loss, we are looking at the 3rd position too! Hurray, no UCL qualifiers then! But there's still a lot to play this season and I suggest we take every match as it comes and like Arsene, "I believe we have what it takes and we will try hard to show that what it takes is duly taken! "

P.S.: Congratulations to Arseblog for completing 10 years yesterday, I hope I can make it that far!

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