Tuesday 21 February 2012

It's not rocket science, is it?

So where is this week going? Are we on to something constructive or is it the same old same old? If we are following the same regime and the same tactics are replayed, then, why bother? Our recent losses have brought forth some apparent and very fatal flaws that we just can seem to overcome. If the trend is set that way, then it will be the same for any team playing against us. Which is why lot of people are blaming our one-dimensional approach to the game(Theo Walcott playing as a striker and RVP behind him, is not a new dimension, it is lack of options).

There are two very interesting articles, from Arseblog and The Guardian, the former referencing the latter, about the flaws in our current team, or to be more precise in our current strategies. Although they are quite apparent, there is some very interesting analysis in the Guardian about the way teams have taken advantage of these flaws. Point is, is there anyone, from the team staff, who has identified the way teams have exploited the obvious and virtual gaps in our tactics? We have had teams attacking us and climbing on us and pressurising us in the past too but we have always made through it.

Last year this time we were basking in the glory of our Champions League triumph over Barcelona, in the first leg, and Barca are one of the most pressing teams in the world and they do very well to get the ball back. Eventually, we overcame all the pressure and with two moments of brilliance, won the leg. Yes, some of the players are missing from that team this time around, but one thing, more importantly, that has not changed is Arsene Wenger. He is the glue that is supposed to hold the team together. We were a goal down at half time and came back from there when Barca was on top. Not only that, if it weren't for RVP's sending off in the second leg, in one of the most intimidating arenas, Camp Nou, there was every chance that we could have made it. If some people thought that the first leg was a fluke, surely those doubts were cleared in the second leg about our ability to counter Barca, whatever the end result.

The inability to force through any new tactics to encounter any aggressive opposition has led many to believe that maybe Arsene is running out of ideas now. Or, maybe, he doesn't have enough quality in his personnel to deploy the tactics assigned to them and I would like to believe it is the latter. It is quite apparent from the recent performances that we have been a bit impotent in the creative department which has resulted in the dearth of goals. A quick look at the table, more importantly, our competition with Chelsea for fourth place, will highlight the need for scoring more goals. That is clearly not going to happen the way we are attacking currently. No need to bring up the summer or the winter and no need to dig up graves. Our current resources is what we have to take our season through, minus some who are out injured for long term and hopefully no one joins them. Maybe AW needs to have a look at this.

The recent losses, Arsene's reluctance to spend, the summer+winter business has irated The Arsenal Supporters Trust. Seems, they are demanding from Arsene to explain his inability/reluctance to spend in the transfer market, when the ticket prices were raised by 6.5percent. According to me, The AST, as appreciable as their concerns are, might be a bit too harsh and crossing the line to ask about financials of the club. I am not aware, how authroised they are to demand that information. However, ill completely support them on their stance of the ticket prices. When a club increases their prices to that amount, evidently one of the most expensive in the world, it is only natural that the fans would want something in return of that value. They have been unable to bring any trophies, for the past two seasons it has gone from bad to worse not to mention this season, and to top that the ticket prices are raised and still the fans don't get the value for their money. Even though I have never been to England, let alone any Arsenal game, I can understand the frustration at this complete ignorance of the board towards this matter.

The news is that Arsenal might report a profit somewhere in the region of 40-50 million pounds from player sales.It's safe to say that those could be used to revise our current team and maybe their wages too.What do the fans have to gain? What if that money was not spent where it should be and the owners enjoy the profits and the club faces losing it's best players adding to the profit. Isn't that going to irate the fans more? Won't it cause a mass protest and lead to loss of attendance at matches? Add to that the possible loss of fourth place and subsequently the Champions League fund which comes with that and you are staring down the barrel of a gun.

In a world where the media is watching your every step, more so with Arsenal, it will be interesting to see how Arsene handles this situation, and the very first test will come this weekend against Rottenham who have been in a "once in a lifetime" form. A negative result there and it won't be any different than last season, which will kick-off our annual collapse.

-A heart warming memory.

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