Wednesday 8 February 2012

How to put on the right "pounds"?

More than the event, the anticipation of it is a real pressure cooker. Which is where the top 4/5/6 race is really in right now and the anticipation for what is going to happen next is really pumping up all the arteries. Till then we try to find something to blow off steam, which is how I landed on this article.
AW says,

You should know that each season, it is imperative to show a profit of between fifteen and twenty million pounds. I would add that the purpose of a coach is to always buy at a price he sees fit.
But this was in response when he was asked about Hazard and he replied,

I really like him (Hazard) and, for several reasons: it's his creative power, his ability to mis-align the opponent, his vision of the game and his consummate skill to address the last pass which make him a very interesting player.

You can draw all the conclusions you want to draw from that or you can just pass it off as another statement. Does that mean that the reason no one was bought in the winter window was that we had to balance our books at the end of the season? Sure it is a football club, but its also a profession. Although, the jist of it is the game we all love and the success involved. What use is 15-20 million pounds if a club like Arsenal doesn't get to play Champions League football, not to mention the 30 million pounds bonus we'll be losing. Isn't that a loss? I understand that we don't need to throw money around, but knowing Wenger's knack of noticing potential and his admiration for Hazard or Goetze or Benzema etc, wouldn't that be money well spent? Isn't 3 million pounds a considerable amount to be spent on a player who has not even played 30 minutes of Premier League football since the start of the season?

We have sold Cesc & Nasri at the start of the season. You can always find cover for someone like Nasri, but shouldn't a player like Cesc be replaced with at least a player close to his potential? When you really think about it, Cesc was not much wrong in leaving the club, I wouldn't have let him go for all the money in the world. Truth is that when you keep on doing 10+10=20, it gets easier with time and there is nothing new to learn. If Cesc had someone to lookup to at Arsenal, maybe he would have thought one more time before leaving. I hate to talk about things that happened or did not, so I am going to leave it there.

I am not an economics freak, but there are simple basic things to manage your economy and stay positive on you monetary balance. Spend less than you earn, stop spending on things you have no use of, earning for the sake of earning is such a boring thing. You have to have fun whilst you earn. When you see players like Bendtner, Denilson, Diaby, who are getting paid a fairly good amount of money for their inferior services, you wonder why not cut on these losses. To be fair to Diaby, he has been injured most of his waking career, but then again those are losses incurred. My yearly income is not even equal to these players weekly wages. But I find myself in the firing line if my performance is down even for a single day! If players treat their clubs professionally and want to leave as soon as they have a hint of negativity, then why should the clubs hold back? I think Arsenal have been very generous with them. If Arsenal want to continue to be generous, then there can't be any complaints about having to reach the profits.

The primary motive for a club has to be success and not money alone. Yes, we are a financially stable club and we like to keep every little dime spent in check, but that should not come at the cost of the clubs success. If player sales generate some money, then we should use that money to cover up for lost resources and should sell to make up for profits. The club has pretty good income with record ticket prices, some good sponsors and not to mention a museum of a stadium!

Let's hope that money is well spent, if and when, on the right kind of players, and spent when there is real need. Let's hope our season is not affected by that, may we get our returns after having been paying our dues for the last seven years!


Pos Team P W D L F A  GD   Pts
1 Manchester City 24 18  3  3  63  19   44    57
2 Manchester United 24 17  4  3  59  24  35    55
3 Tottenham Hotspur 24 15  5  4  44  25  19    50
4 Chelsea 24 12  7  5  44  29  15    43
5 Newcastle United 24 12  6  6  36  31   5    42
6 Arsenal 24 12  4  8  46  34  12    40  

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