Saturday 4 February 2012

Arshavin to shhhh critics

Just a few hours to go before the game kicks off. There is no news yet about Chamberlain, I hope he's alright, because frankly, who are we kidding, we need pressure #justsaying. And with AW thinking of resting RVP, which I think is fair to him, we need some potent weapons. At the moment, I don't see any of our attackers being that sharp. We have already seen Walcott miss some lollypop chances this month, definitely not ready to be a full time forward yet. I hope he realises his own flaws and doesn't over-rate himself. Pace is not everything, you got to include your intelligence in your game too. When this season kicked off, he did pretty well, there were some good assists to RVP as well. But the season has wore him off. But our lack of depth in that area too, has left us with fewer options, or none for that matter.

It wont be too bad to start TH14, give him an hour on the pitch. AW said it himself, before signing him earlier last month, that Henry has surprised him with his fitness. Why not start him, he is a player on loan, if a 36year old pin sized Giggs can do it, Henry is definitely better than him and more apparently,  younger than him.It won't be a bad idea to rest Ramsey as well, maybe start Arshavin in his place. But given the predictability of our team strategies, I guess Rosicky will be the obvious choice. There is nothing different to surprise other teams, they read us better now and easily tackle our game play. The subtlety of our build up is just not there anymore, which is not a bad thing, but then we have to come up with something to make the opposition think.

Apart from Wenger and some tired Manu players, no one has seen much of Park this season. So why not throw him in too, he'll be a like a new signing, given the time he has spent on the pitch. When we signed him, he talked about running hard and giving his everything for the team, he must think he made a fool out of himself. At least we have to give him a chance, given the more-than-enough chances we have given to most of our under-performers. You don't want them to be lenient with their place in the squad, its just killing off the competition.

It should be the usual suspects at the back, and ill repeat like a broken record, its simply not TV's place at LB. Why not start Coquelin or Miquel there, they have done pretty well in that position. Give Per some rest, let him cool off his stilts and oil his springs. But TV MUST be playing at the centre of the defense.

RVP has reminisced about our reverse fixture and its good to see talking to the team about that defeat and it hurts him. Of course that should hurt the team given our start in that game. But the lesson should not be lost. To err is human but to repeat the same mistakes is plain foolish. You need to go back to school! We need to stop answering the wrong questions. Focus, Desire and some football should be the key. 3 points today and we'll see what Chelsea can gift us tomorrow, if it goes our way, we still have a game to play against them, which should settle the score. But apart from Chelsea, we also have Liverpool and Newcastle to worry about now. And I wont talk about their inconsistency of form, given our own exploits.

My squad for today:
Szczesny, Miquel,TV,Kos,Sagna, Song, Arteta, Rosicky, Chamberlain/Arshavin, Henry, Park..ok maybe Walcott.

But here's to 3 points today! Go Gunners!

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