Friday 10 February 2012

The butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker.

The rumor mills just don't some to stop, do they? First it was all about player trades and today it has been all about managers! The resignation of Capello has come as quite a shock to the footballing world. Can't say whether it was the Terry-Capello relationship or anything else, but its a big blow for England's chances at the Euro2012. One day you see Capello sitting watching every PL game from the stadium and next moment he sitting in a park bench. And AW, who never misses a chance to express his opinion on controversies, expresses himself,

I did not expect such an extreme situation but it looks like there was already some turbulence there and that was just the final straw. I am sad that Capello leaves four months before such an important competition, it is a big blow for England and I am sad for him.

I couldn't believe when I read that Harry Redknapp was to be offered the England job. If that, why not offer it to me? I will definitely charge less and you definitely don't have to worry about my handwriting. He barely manages to manage Rottenham! Anyways, he has quickly done some damage control to maintain some self-respect he said,

I've not even thought about it. I've got a job to do."I've got a big game on Saturday for Tottenham. Tottenham is my focus.
We'll see. There was a news later about announcement from the FA chairman, David Berstein, he said,
I can announce that Stuart Pearce will manage the England team against Holland.
He has huge experience outside and inside the organisation. He has been working with the under-21 team and has been working with Fabio for some time. I have got great confidence in Stuart, we will be in good hands.
Which is quite alright, given that he manages the youth team. But I have some worries, they might just be cynical. He has seen the youth players very close, and this season The Ox has covered some huge grounds and knocking on the national team doors. There is a very good chance that he might get the nod and I am a bit concerned about how much fit he'll return for our next season. Remember what happened with Wilshere last year. Anyways, Stuart will only manage till the Holland game, who knows who the next manager is, poor guy.

Not so much happening at Arsenal, except AW keeping everyone focused and talking about,the glue that holds this season together, maintaining consistency, and that too a winning one. It's nice to see some senior players coming out talking about it, it will be good for the youngsters. Tomas Rosicky talks about life after 7-1ders,
We recently had an unsuccessful spell so this is something we can build on, we can be happy after this game but the most important thing is to carry a performance like that and fight for a Champions League spot.
 The "We" in his statement is what excites me. Its not about individual performances, RVP wouldn't have scored as many goals playing alone. Too many Cristiano Ronaldos spoil the, whatever it is that they have to spoil. Point is, the team spirit has to hold together and thank heavens for it that we don't have internal issues like player clashes, egos playing games or our managers involved in court room dramas. All we have to worry about is football, and maybe a bit about our management.

Mertesacker is enjoying his time in London, and not just with the team,
London is very international. You can go to English restaurants, or have French food, Italian, German, everything is possible: that is a very good thing.
I dont want to comment on his appetite, however, he has certainly had to adjust to the physical game of PL. He was used to long winter breaks in the Bundesliga, and no matter how much the Germans rise in size, the PL is a different ball game alltogether.
It was my choice to go to the English league and have no winter break, no breather at the end of the year. Normally in Germany you have a chance to calm down at the end of the year, maybe go on holiday.
I hope he continues to grow, in quality and maybe a bit of speed too. So that's it, not much news after all. We have some very important things to discuss tomorrow, team news, starting 11 predictions, more rumor mills etc.

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