Saturday 4 February 2012

Co-operate to Dominate

This is so not how we want to go to into the weekend. Disgruntled, sadistic, wanting to pull out your own arm and smack your own back with it, frustrated, irritated and a hundred other Cobainisms. How do you define your feelings on our current form and I am sure each on of us has his/her own way to get it out of our system, but it just doesn't. I did it by mocking my dear friends who are manu, manc fans etc etc. I don't know how our team manages to get it out, or do they just go into the next match hoping for something better,? Surely not, I hope. Well no one can predict the future, but there's anticipation. AW hopes the next 16years are as good as the last 16. Maybe not the last 7 in those 16, I don't want another 7 years of gut wrenching pain in another decade.

We play Blackburn at home this Saturday, and our team will do well to remember the reverse fixture this season. Yes they are very good physically and they have Chris Samba and blah blah, who caused havoc last season. But we are not playing Almunia/Fabianski either who were completely dominated by Blackburn's set pieces. The key is not just keeping the ball, but to score too. Either team with 15mins left in the game can believe that they can have it. This is where exactly we have lacked, in killing off games or at least to control it enough to hold on to a lead and not get bogged down.

If you observe closely we are no longer sticking to our tippy tappy ways, when was the last time you saw a 100 passes on the edge of the opposition goal before we made an attempt, or the last time you saw a backheel for an assist? We are being more direct, but that doesn't mean that we can't be creative enough. Our style of play demands that kind of creativity. We don't have those kind of wingers who can deliver consistent crosses to the box. With Blackburn next, who are pretty good when defending those into-the-box crosses, we have to show that extra-bit of creativity to cut through the defenses.

I think we should revert to a 4-4-2 formation or 4-1-2-1-2. Anything with 2 strikers on the top given our wingers. We cannot win with Alex alone on the wing, the other wing has to balance too. If we are keeping Arshavin, he has to be played behind the striker and maybe give Ramsey a game off or at least on the bench, he needs some rest. There was some news of RVP being rested against Blackburn, which is understandable given the week we have had. Also , there is some problem with The Ox, which is not yet confirmed if he will play. Keiran Gibbs is still some mtach-fit points away. If RVP is going to be rested then we can have Henry starting the game. He should be utilised more, given that he will be leaving soon.

Unless there is some major corner left to be turned, I think this is pretty much a straight path, and should be as straight forward goal as possible. No room for errors, no deterring, no slacking. If the management doesn't show enough responsibility, its time for the players take initiative and there can be no clear goals than this.

The fans are understandably hurt, given their love for the club. But a protest in this fashion is going to hurt the morale more. Obviously it is their money involved and they want to see it being spent and that too intelligently. But is this protest really going to affect anything, or will it again fall on deaf ears?

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