Friday 10 February 2012

A Bittersweet symphony.

Thank God its Friday and we are very close to finding out exactly how consistent our team can be. All post Saturday bragging, about 7-1 and about the sparks that can cause us to fly off and turn corners...wait that cant be right, you cant fly and turn corners...maybe turn corners whilst keeping feet firmly on the ground, will be put to test tomorrow.

It has been somewhat bitter-sweet this morning, with the King leaving and some of the subjects coming back one-piece to the team. We are talking about Henry's departure, and some of the casualties coming back to their normal self, if that. Well, Henry still has a week with us and you almost want to soak up every moment of that. Although, he hasn't played as much as we would have like him to, he surely must have had a major impact on the team. We have heard some of the players talk about him and his influence on them. We know how much Wenger loves him and he expresses his desire to be wanting to keep him,

There is clarification, it will be February 16. The day after the game in Milan,” Wenger said.

“I would have loved him to stay for two more weeks but he has to go back. He is captain of the Red Bulls, so just to appear on the first day of the season would be unfair to them.

“We accepted at the start that we would release him on February 16 so we respect our word. He thinks as well that it would be too late.
I am sure even TH14 would have loved to stay longer and help the team in this difficult time which he definitely has done in this short time. I would like to wish him a successful season ahead in the US, but not before he has blazed the Milan pitch, which I hope he can almost see the San Siro set ablaze.

But still, its all RVP this season and the focus of all our attacks, and he would be raring to go. A Champions League goal at the San Siro, will most definitely be his wish. I would be greedier and wish for 3 again! Speaking of focal points, Mikel Arteta is happy in his current role, playing the box to box midfielder instead of his usual attacking midfielder role at Everton,

I watch the game from behind and I know that when we become too open we leave many spaces and concede goals, I just try to balance the team a little bit. Sometimes I would like to go forward more, but I’ve still had chances and the goal against Blackburn was my sixth this year, which isn’t bad.

I don't want to be the main man; we all know who the main man is and that’s Robin. He is the leader, he is the one who makes a real difference.
Its good to see such modesty in a player like him, which are very rare in a modern footballer. But he has a lot of PL experience and been through the thick and thin of everything. Even though he says that he is not the main man, we have seen in the January run, what his absence could do. He has brought some stability to the midfield after the departure of Fabregas. I know we were all waiting for Jack to return to the midfield and there were all kinds of questions, whether he'll replace Arteta or will he get a more attacking role. Those are all put to rest, at least till the end of season due to Jack's unfortunate injury setback.

But there are also some, who will make their comeback's soon. Gibbs is in contention for tomorrow's game after having spent a long time on the therapy table, Chamakh is also a contender, to be on the bench. It's very sad that Frimpong's season has to end because of the ACL. After having gone through an injury last season, he was looking good from the start of the season and was really doing well with Wolves, sadly his season had to end prematurely. Jenkinson is still some time away from getting back in training. I think, if it weren't for his injury, he would have got a good run, with Sagna out. From the team's point of view I am glad that Sagna's back to full fitness and is looking fitter than before. #fingersCrossed.

We go to the Stadium of Lights tomorrow, which has been quite a tough game for us recently. Also with Martin O'Neill in charge of Sunderland, they are on a good run. It will be an interesting trip, a test, if we have really turned that dreaded corner or we just going around in circles!

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