Monday 20 February 2012

Plutus to smile on Scrooge?

You are walking through a sand desert, spread through eternity, limited resources to get you through. Lost in sense and direction, you try to keep all your hope on finding some semblance of life or at least a tiny oasis. If you don't find these things, chances are you might start hallucinating, you see mirages, start assuming things that are not there, your mind plays funny tricks. It's where you start losing your sanity.

It has been a seven year long search for that tiny bit of hope to hold on, the hope that at least this season might bring something to keep you alive for another year. Some people act like puppeteers and have taken advantage of this misery. The internet has blown out of proportions and is already predicting the summer activities. Half the world has already fired AW and is hell bent on seeing him out of Arsenal. One piece of news comes out in the press and it goes on increasing like a tumor.

AW has mentioned, on the official site, the importance of staying together,
We have to take the critics on board, stay together and face them. There is only one response in our job; stay united, fight and focus on the next game.
Which is right considering the situation, and the team needs to stick together, on and off the pitch. A popular newspaper site quoted some high ranked official from Arsenal,
Arsene Wenger has been assured his job is safe for another TWO YEARS. We are committed to Arsene and we expect him to see out his contract.  The only danger to Wenger remaining in charge is whether he walks away at the end of the season as he has already warned he would consider his future if he felt he could not take the club any further.
The name of this "high ranked official" was not given and its also not clear how this site got this information out of him before the official site did. I personally think that AW is still the right person to carry this club forward, but there are some gaps which need to be filled. You can't ignore what's going on around you or pretend you are living in a different galaxy. Sure the squad needs to be revamped, including the back room staff and specialized personnel.

There was some news that Stan will come out of his palace some where in US and will be flying his spaceship to UK to discuss current affairs at the club. Hopefully, he'll hand over a blank cheque to Wenger and give the green light to buy out ManC's squad. All jokes apart, I hope the news of him coming to discuss Arsenal matters of concern is at least true. Whether he approves of funds or not is another matter altogether. There was some fiery news that Wenger might be given a huge treasure to make his players the highest paid people on the planet and buy anyone he wants. Though it might be too good to be true, it's that mirage that will keep the masses going on for a while till the weekend.

Although I hardly doubt that even with the money, Wenger will be a spendthrift and blow away the money. His parsimonious management has ensured that, with the financial results to be declared soon, Arsenal might declare huge profits, where its competitors have thrown money down the drain. Even so, the need to spend cannot be denied when it stares in your face and we can't expect to be happy with being "top 4" watch season. Wenger's clichés have gone from being assuring to plainly irritating and oddly repetitive. His "fourth place is a trophy", might be true for this season, given that we are 7 points behind 3rd and will have to fight tooth and nail to get to third or at least stay in fourth.

What the summer brings to us is still a matter of future, however, the present is the most important thing currently. The fourth position could not be taken for granted and sure the team realises this after the efforts they have taken at the beginning of this season to qualify for group stages. Just imagine, if Arsenal finish outside of the four, Wenger will find it difficult to get through the summer even if had alla Arsenal's profit amount at his feet. Losing out on him would be a big blow, even more than losing RVP.  Hope he gets us where this club wants to go, and stays with the club through this.

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