Wednesday 1 February 2012

Now's the time...

The D-day is over and all clubs trod cautiously except for Rottenham where Harry Redface has done quite a bit of hasty business yesterday. They have signed Louis Saha from Everton,  who I thought used to be an intelligent striker until he came up with this. Other than that there was some patch work here and there.

As mentioned in my last night's post, Arsenal signed Thomas Eisfeld, U-19 player for Borussia Dortmund. I read through some comments from the fans being annoyed with AW for signing another injury prone, young, unproven talent. I couldn't understand what the fuss is all about, do the fans think that signing Goetze would have been better? Yes sure, he is a regular starter there, has been a star player for them and all of Europe is after him. But then again, he is just a year older than Eisfeld who hasn't got much chance to prove himself due to a career ending injury. I understand that this is not what we needed right now and we should have done better to cover up for our weaknesses and gear up for the rest of the season. Anyways, Welcome to Arsenal and hope you do well here and don't return with your BVB DNA back to Germany!

We all know that Arsene had a big youth project ,which some thought after this summer was scrapped. But clearly it isn't. As he said himself, that January is not the time you want to risk spending too much. Maybe he has plans to reinforce during the summer, but if something goes wrong from now on just because we didnt do anything to have a backup, then summer would be the toughest time of his life. Imagine finishing outside the top four and trying to sign top players who won't be able to play Champions League next season. Which is why I feel a bit worried, considering Arsene's visionary status, has he predicted this would happen and deciding to stuff up with unproven talent? Maybe I am being too cynical. The summer is still a long way though.

Our immediate concern should be our next match, where we play away to Bolton, which kick's off in a few hours. Considering last nights results, we have been handed a lucky lifeline to enter the top four. Chelsea and mShitty, both dropped points to the delight of Arsenal and manU fans. Manu now are level with their cross-city rivals, only behind on goal difference and Arsenal 6 points behind Chelsea with tonight's game in hand. Which makes it all the more important to collect 3 points. Chelsea play at home to ManU this weekend, and who knows what will come out of that match. But it is in our hands to make sure that we don't falter from now on and we still have a home game to play against Chelsea. Nobody from Arsenal can complain that we were "misfortunate" or "unlucky" to lose out on top four place. Clearly its in our hands, and we are the one's who need to rise from here. Last season, February was the month where our slide-show started, this time, let it be the time where we take-off.

Another thing we can't afford is another injury, which again starts the same argument that we need to bolster our squad, so won't poke at that beast again. News has just dropped in that Jack might be out for the season, which is a big blow to all the hopes that we had put on his return to revive our season and there's not enough cover, almost as if there's no Plan B.

Alongwith points, goals is a major concern for us, both for and against. That needs to be remedied just in case the fight in the top four goes to the wire.AW has declared that Chamakh will be back this week, ooh I am so excited! If Arsenal has to succeed, the players who have been off for a long time now- Chamakh, Park, Arshavin, need to start firing now , clearly there is no able backup for RVP and one of those has to come up with some kind of form and another one of those has to come up with some kind of playing time.

As for today's team predictions,  Sagna should definitely start, Gibbs is back in training but will definitely not play today. TV keeps his place at LB. Apart from that I don't think too much will change from Sunday night. It will be so great to have Arteta and Sagna back. Hopefully we can regain some of our attacking form again. Let's get those cannons out!

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