Thursday 23 February 2012

Board games.

Still some time to go before Arsene unleashes his master plan on Rottenham, this Sunday. The tactics and strategies he applies will be a point of talking before the game is actually played. Most of the times that we have tried using any kind of strategy our plans have been encountered by the opposition and apparently our Plans B-Z have been very feeble to be of any effect. Some call this the aging of Arsene or maybe lack of quality personnel to actually see his blueprint come to life.

The major point of concern has been the service to RVP or the lack of it, which has made him drop back to carry the ball forward leaving a void in the poacher zone. There's only so much he can do, and that has made him our most critical  player this season. It is an achievement on his part, and I don't want to jinx it, that he has managed to go through this season without any injuries and along with that he has managed to accumulate a mountain of goals. I think we can safely say that most of success, whatever it has been, or the rise from 17th to 4th, the credit has to go to him. If the board decides to give him a renewed contract with a fat pay cheque, there's nothing wrong in it. But to keep him forcibly, until his contract expires, might hamper his performance. I don't doubt his heart, but he is only human. Even Cesc fell off a bit in his last season, when he was asked by Arsene to continue for one more season.

Although, there have been a lot of people who suggest that RVP should be sold this season and we should strengthen our squad with that money. However, I would like to remind all the fans that we have sold Cesc+Nasri+Clichy+Eboue last season, which is almost close to £65million and only half that amount was spent on recruiting new resources. Also, there is no reason to believe that if RVP was sold, all of the money would be utilised for recruiting stronger resources.

I would strongly recommend keeping RVP, or at least doing everything the board can do, except tying him with chains at the Emirates stadium, to keep him happy. If that means that we have to spend a bit extra on a quality resource then so be it. I don't think Arsene, who has bought some quality player in his time, is the only problem behind this. He should be allowed to recruit anyone and I mean anyone he thinks will be "super class" player and will bring success to the club. Obviously the financials have to be taken care of, and the club's financial results, for this year, are soon to be declared. The club has to be very clear in it's priorities and according to me, success HAS to be the number one priority.

At some point of time, surely the board has to take a look at it's wage structure. You can't expect players who are performing, to be paid almost similar wages as the players who are not. Then, when you look to sell these players, it just makes it difficult to find suitable clubs who can manage that kind of money. If you give Walcott a contract renewal according to his wishes which is close to £90,000 per week and give RVP £100,000 per week, how do you expect to keep the balance between a good wage structure with a perfect balance in the team? 

There is a very interesting article from Goonerboy, that focuses on the consequences of selling RVP. It also, compares this situation with the one we had with TH14 in his last season. My frank opinion is clear out the dead wood, keep RVP and recruit some quality players. Changing managers is not the right solution according to me, and like Cesc, just think if there is a better manager than Arsene right now. Not many. Even RVP, I might sound harsh, but given what the club has done for him, having stuck by him throughout his injury ridden career, he should also repay the club by sticking with it during it's difficult times.

If the board let's it's internal issues hamper the club's success then I am afraid we are looking at much tougher times.There's some movement regarding the club's shares and Alishair Usmanov is close to aquiring a 30% holding. The only thing that should affect is that according to the Premier League handbook, he is a entitled to be called a director. I don't know how much of that is going to effect the club's chances of succeeding in the future. 

The only point I am trying to make is, these are corporate issues and should be handled within the oak paneled walls of the board-rooms. The focus has to be on the future of the team and what could be done to improve and bring back the success this team has seen in the past.

-The modesty of economics!

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