Thursday 9 February 2012

Summer not coming any time sooner.

I agree, it is tough to write when the internet is a bit low on spicy news but ask me to talk and I can talk for hours about football, irrespective of my knowledge or lack of it on the subject. People are constantly expecting some or the other rumours for any kind of conspiracies or contradictions to feed upon and talk about. It is the human way, and also the right to do that.

There are some "rumours" this morning that Arsenal have joined the race to sign Hazard and Chelsea are in the driving seat to sign him. Its just start of February and we are already talking about the summer almost as if people are going shopping. Chelsea might be leading to sign him, but its not surprise given that half a dozen players signed by them were scouted by Arsenal. We don't have to look back too far for that, Mata, Cahill are all examples of that. Even if the news sounds exciting, I won't get my hopes too high on any business, one day we are meeting Mr & Mrs Mata, Uncle & aunty Mata, and the next day, he's a Chelsea player. I am not even sure, if any one at Chelsea had seen him before that. However, it seems that the scouts from Chelsea have watched Hazard like 20 times this season, which is clearly a "lot of times" to look at a player of his quality.

There was also a news stating that Arsenal might for Daniel Sturridge since he is unhappy at the moment to be second choice and to play on the wings. Arsenal might be able to give him a chance to play in the first team sooner than most other teams. It's just that a deal like this, across from London, will definitely cause a stir, at least among the Chelsea fans. But still, my fingers are crossed.

Our current priority is the season ahead, and its placed like a set of dominoes which will further trigger any positive or negative events that we might have. Lets think about the top four first, then we can go ahead and rumour about bidding for the Hazards and Goetzes and then lose them to Chelsea, ManU or City. The boss is keeping his head in place and talks about,

We know that with the position we are in we need an exceptional consistency, so that is the challenge we have in front of us at Sunderland.

Adding to that, he says,
 We had the same number of chances [at the Reebok] that we had against Blackburn but we scored on Saturday. We still have real hope that we can finish the season the strongest. We have a good spirit and desire within the group - and we have quality.

Yes sure, the consistency is not there, but there were enough chances for us to prove everyone wrong , and we have been simply ignoring them. Faltering is not allowed in the season now, one small mistake can plummet us way down, such is the competition. Although, the levels for all the PL clubs have increased, some things are to be kept in check.

Tomas Rosicky also thinks the same way and talks about consistency which we are trying to achieve. The Blackburn game really inspired us and it should push us ahead. We don't expect a 7-1der consistency each time, but we certainly need to put some successive run of form in perspective, just enough to make our competitors nervous..

Hopefully we reach the top four by this Saturday evening and keep going in the same direction.

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