Tuesday 14 February 2012

Sweet 16's!

The Champions League round of 16 kicks off tonight and we can safely say that we have some of the best teams in the world in those 16. The passion of CL football is what it takes to be here. Some teams who missed out being in this group, might still say that they were unlucky and would surely have reached the final if they were in the last 16. Well we can't just predict and assume that given the quality of teams in here. Anyways, those who are not in here are purely due to their performance, or rather lack of it, in the group stages.

The important thing for us is that we are in here and as teams missing out due to their slack display of football, we are here because of our resilience in the competition, now and in the past. The hurdles this team has crossed to get here is more than commendable. The qualifying legs, the group stages, and all this after the start to the season we have had. Unlike Manchu, we had a relatively tougher group, and we came positive through it and topped the group.

However, things get a bit tough from now onwards and tomorrow night's match will decide our fate in the tournament. We have been really unlucky with our injuries this season, with Per definitely out of the first leg. Chances are that he might be out for more. There was a report saying he is visiting his national team medical team for an opinion on his ankle. From the images of his ankle posted by him, it doesn't look good at all. If there are any surgeries to be done on it, then I am afraid he will be looking at a longer duration on the sidelines.

Meanwhile, we are back, according to me, with the best central defensive partnership we have. No offense to Per, he has made a big influence on the defense and reads the game like an Archies comics, but I just think that TV will match the pace of Milan and other opponents much better than Per. I mean you could just imagine Messi running rings around Per, he could virtually pass between his legs! Yes it would take Per just one giant leg to stop him, but Messi might have gone far till then, again no offense, its just a testament to Messi's qualities.

Besides the knock-outs, there is another competition, for footballing individuals in Europe and that is the Golden Shoe. C. Ronaldo is leading the race with 54 points after his hat-trick against Levante. Apart from an unknown player at number 2, Messi is joint runner for second place at 46 points and RVP just behind him by 2 points at the fourth place. There is still a lot to play this season and with the kind of form RVP is in, there is every chance that he might gain on his competitors. Besides he recently won the Barclays award for 20 goals in the premier league. What if TH14 was here for the whole season?! He has scored 3 goals since coming on loan, in just over 90minutes of total playing time. Torres has scored 4 since the start of the season and Chamakh has 2 since November 2010.

With no more visible injuries in the team, the team travels to Italy today. Kieran Gibbs will retain his place at left back and TV shifts back to his normal self.

Jon Toral, recently turned 17,  has signed a professional contract with Arsenal after arriving from Barcelona last year. His three goals in 12 appearances, for the Under-18 team, were enough for Arsenal to run for his signature. I wish him all the best and a great future at Arsenal, unless the Catalan giants come crying for another chromosome of their world famous DNA.

Today's matches:
Lyon                    France vsCyprus      APOEL
Bayer Leverkusen Germany vs Spain  Barcelona

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  1. Why is TH14 goal scoring compared with torres. Everyone knows he is in bad phase.

  2. :D Those are just numbers and its fun to look at them, besides I have also compared him to Chamakh...and you are right, there's absolutely no comparison!