Friday 17 February 2012

The aftermath.

There is always hope.

It's amazing how often I have had this feeling when I wake up in the morning, no sense of direction, lethargy and basically just wanting to be another "SAW" victim, rip your arm off and throw it at someone. Slowly, the day proceeds and the feeling sinks in and feels a bit too familiar. I have no problem with it until we start adapting ourselves to that feeling and get used to it. If something is bothering in general, you must do something to avoid it. In order to get something you never had, you MUST do something you never did. If you keep trying to mix gravy and ice-cream together, and expect that in some point of the continuum it will create a delicious treat, then you have to call yourself a fool! There is a very old, but very interesting, clip from Dilbert.
Does this sound too familiar?

The three C's continue to haunt us, and there are no measures taken to rectify this. We had the chance in January and we just laid back thinking that we already have the world at our feet. We go to Milan with all kinds of plans, the talk about away goals, the talk about oh, maybe we'll score some or maybe just one would do. Had it been even remotely close to the prediction, I would have understood but 4 against and none for us?!

The net is scorching with scowls, right from people who think football is something to play with hands ti people who are formers of The AFC. Most notably, and most importantly it came from AW himself, a person we know to be generally very calm and who does everything to protect his players, making them look like Titans. Well, calling it a scowl would be an under-statement. They could well have been staring at the barrel of Arsene's shotgun. Although, when you think of it, how much is this through Arsene's own ignorance? I don't doubt his management skills or his vision at all. But he is a bit extra-stubborn at times and has overlooked a lot of gaps because of this. His persistence with players who are just not of Arsenal's quality has come back and hurt us. If you look at Walcott, for example, can you say the same thing about him as for Song. 3 years back Song was a completely different player, but he has established himself as a very good defensive player now and a regular starter. Emmanuel Petit has slammed Walcott's performance,
Certain young players haven't done enough to justify the confidence that Arsene has in them. Walcott - somehow he's going to have to reach the next stage. It's been years that he's been at the same level. 
Speaking about the other under performers at the club, he added,
We shouldn't hesitate to talk about the end of the cycle. Regardless of age, we have to look seriously at certain players. Right now. You have to send out a strong signal. You have to say to Arshavin, and to Rosicky: 'Gentlemen, thank you, but goodbye'. And soon.
I know that Emmanuel Petit might not have done enough for Arsenal himself, but still is someone who has been in the best of teams. Lee Dixon a former Arsenal great also had some words of caution,
There are not a lot of positives to be honest with you. It’ll be difficult for Arsene to pick the players up before a massive FA Cup tie at Sunderland this weekend. He’s got his work cut out.
Even Martin Keown, from the famous back four, has come out and criticised our defensive situation. Coming from a former Gunner who knows well what it is like to play for Arsenal and to be a very good defender, I think Arsene should certainly consult someone for our defensive problems. One giant German isn't going to solve it all. There were a lot of people suggesting that we need a defensive coach and Arsene could have done well to listen to those heeds. Steve Bould was an obvious choice have himself played in the Arsenal defense, but he is still stuck with the youth team.

I might be coming off as very negative, but in the end its all true. We have a very important game against Sunderland tomorrow and, like Milan, very crucial too. The FA cup is still in sights and a loss there is going to be dominoes story. It will sound a little too familiar to our last season collapse after the Carling cup final loss. I am sure that everyone will be aware of this, and there desire to prove and succeed not faded. I again insist that the Champions League run is by no means over, with the right team, if they want, they can still go ahead. Yes it is difficult, but who said it's a cakewalk?

The players are crying out to keep RVP for the next season, and I know it will be very important for our next season chances, but is everything been done enough to ensure that that won't happen? Frankly speaking, there's not even a single whisper from the upper management about the situation and it is just unacceptable. If the management doesn't assure the fans and the players about the direction this club is going, then other ill wishers will take it upon them to bring the downfall. The reason former players feel so much about the club is because they have lived through the legend of the club and hate what's happening to "their" team. Do the current crop of management/players/leaders have the same fire and same ambitions?

We'll just have to wait and watch, and I wish there was more I could do, but all I can do is be me, whoever that is.

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