Thursday 26 January 2012

Wipe off the blood...

It's really been dull the past few days and it's hard to even get off to a good start in the day. But had a really nice late lunch with my close friends and some heart to heart football talk with my friend who's a Chelsea fan. He feels a little discomforted too being 5 points below 3rd and little alright with being 5 points clear off the 5th which makes our N London rivals  5 and 10 points ahead of us.

But its given us some time to gain a little perspective, get off our asses and dust ourselves and ready to fight again. Like Mike Tyson once said, at least I think he was the one who said it:

"It doesn't matter how well you prepare for a fight, what matter is how you react after being hit the first punch."
The future is everything, and no point kicking yourself over what's been done. Our fans are acting like George Costanza, pessimistic and full of agony and rage. The have every reason to be angry, the players feel the anger too, but they must control their anger and convert it into their performance. I know I am quoting a lot and the last one by Denzel Washington from "Remember the Titans". It won't be too bad to have a re-run of that movie every now and then, for the team. We are in quite a similar situation as the T.C. rifts between everyone. And like in the movie, if don't pull ourselves together, we'll never be the Invincibles that we once were.

Apparently and obviously Fabio Capello is having a look at  The Ox, and thinks he could be featured in the Euro12, which is simply fantastic for a player of his age and might be damaging at the same time due to the sudden publicity. But he looks like a level headed person and hope he will handle this better than others.

Not much in the news, surprisingly no absurd rumors about transfers happening or us rampaging in the transfer market buying everyone. The news about players we currently have is that two of them, TH14 and MA8 are fit and available for this Sunday's FA cup clash with Aston Villa. I think we have a very realistic chance in this competition and to win it might mean a lot. At least it will give us fans something to be cheering about something like the dementors that feed on every ounce of happiness though not in a gross way.

Alright then, no special news today, other than AW being looked at by Real Madrid as an option to replace Mourinho, which makes you, "Messi joining Arsenal", sound more realistic.
Already people have placed odds over who will replace AW, and that's taking it too far, almost as if don't want it to happen.

Goodnight everyone..

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