Saturday 28 January 2012


So today, the FA cup fourth round kicks off. Actually Rottenham already played their match last evening and apparently were given a very tough run in the match by resilient Watford, before VD Vaart put them ahead by scoring the winner.

QPR play Chelsea at home right now and are going quite well at HT with the score 0-0. Surely, Chelsea will want to wrap it up today to avoid the replay. Liverpool play ManU at Anfield and are already leading 1-0. No other major matches today and we play tomorrow evening.

Well not a lot has happened after Jack's setback and if things go according to AW's plans there will be no transfer activity. If any, it would certainly be a surprise. But we still have some players who could play there, only if AW has enough faith in them to give a decent run. Ramsey's been clearly overplayed and needs to be rested, unless we want to see him out of action for the next season. According to the boss, Jack's setback will keep him out from training for at least 6-8 weeks and then they will have a look at him if he is fit for training and then a further 6 weeks to get match fit. We are looking at at least 2-2.5 months on the sidelines by which time, Arsenal would have either nailed the season or the coffin of their Champions league berth. Yes, now we are considering finishing fourth as a stupendous run of form. Other than that, the boss thinks there is every chance that Jack will play the Euros, we know that tone, and we can certainly read between the lines.

Koscielny has been touted as one of the best in the league by his manager, which will certainly give him more confidence than he already has and the manager has to be praised too for finding him, but he took a whole season(which is understandable) to settle down, by then the season had already gone down the drains and we don't want be reminded of Martins goal in the Carling cup final.

Well we wont bicker about things not in our hands, and look forward to tomorrow's clash. Its never over until its over. I hope the recent losses will put some anger in our team and reflect in our responses and we start with a decent run like the one from Sept to Dec 2011. The team has been evolving and adapting and that's what football and, for that matter, life is all about.

Whatever be the activities outside the team, the team has to focus on tomorrow, because this might be our one chance to regain some lost confidence and add at least one trophy this season. If all goes well, maybe it will brush in our PL form too. Fingers crossed!

A deserved praise for The Ox, but I think he is certainly better.

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