Thursday 19 January 2012

Do we undertake outsourced player scouting?

I don't exactly mean what the title actually says. But for the past couple of seasons I have observed that Arsenal has been scouting youngsters and some established players. Right till the time Arsenal notices them, there is no news about them and suddenly a player interests Arsenal, and all other clubs eventually are linked with him. In the end, some other big club ends up buying him. I am not sure how much truth there is to transfer rumors, but they can't be all wrong. It makes us wonder if Arsenal really scouts players for others!

City, Chelsea have bought so many players that in some point of time were primarily linked to Arsenal. Mata, Lukaku, David Silva are some recent examples. Half  the City team is of former Gunners, at least half of their better players. When you look at the teams in the league now, there is hardly a team that does not have a former Arsenal player in them. Anyways, there is hardly any point talking about this.

The subject of talk is Jack's return which gives me some respite and something that makes me think about...Last season was the stage where Jack was launched and unleashed upon the EPL. He was 19 when he started playing regularly for the first team. Somewhere you get the feeling that he was being prepared for imminent departure of Cesc. Normally, Arsenal would not pressure a 19year old to these levels. Like we see with Alex OC now. There is just a couple of difference in their ages, but Alex is not pressured up to the same level as Jack. Arsene is taking it easy with him and giving him to to develop. So I dont think Theo will be out anytime soon, which is a good thing, but not for the contract amount he is looking to secure. Still, its overwhelming to see our expectations from a 20year old. Do we expect him to comeback and straightaway turn around our fortunes? I don't doubt Jack even a bit, I know he is raring to go and turn things around. But is it right for us to expect it from one single player? Where has all the creativity suddenly gone from our play?

I dont think the 4-4-3 system is working for us without our regular fullbacks. Shouldn't there be a PlanB? Also, with our wide players not giving much help to RVP, I think a more direct approach to attacking will be better. If I was given the choice, I would deploy RVP in the perfect no. 10 role, and keep Walcott ahead. What's the harm in trying, we know that it's not really working right now playing him wide. Yes, its all part of his development but its been a long time now.

I don't know what will be our strategy this weekend against ManU. Its not that I don't like Arshavin, I still remember the scorcher he scored when he first played against ManU for Arsenal, it's just that right now he is really low on confidence...maybe some games with the Reserves will do him good. Alex has shown enough for him to be considered for a starting spot. It wont be too bad to play 4-1-2-1-2. I will keep RVP jsut behind Theo. We all know that ManU is having some problems with their defense, it would be good to give them something to think about, but a definte NO NO to Arshavin, maybe Park..heh?

Looking at our home-form I would guess 1-0 to Arsenal??

Ryo feels he's ready.
Some feel good effects.

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