Sunday 22 January 2012

North London vs Manchester

So the game kicks off in less than 3 hours and there was some good news that TV might be fit for it. The manager might make a last moment decision on him. Nothing on TH14 yet, but if he's fit, I guess he should start. Maybe we could bring on Alex later on just to test the tired opposition.

Somewhere I have a feeling that we can nick this one. We'll take a ONE-NIL to the Arsenal any time. What matters is those 3 points. With Chelsea dropping points yesterday, we need to win these 3 points. Also, hot on our tail, Newcastle, who dropped 3 precious points after a pretty good first half. Fulham played the way they played against us and deserved the win. So a good chance to get our necks above the water.

For the starting XI, I guess Rosicky will play in Arteta's position, which makes Song's position all the more important. We know how much he likes to move forward, but today, with Rosicky besides him(if he starts), he should guard his back four well and not get carried away. I don't think Arshavin will start today, at least I don't want to have an attack even before the game starts. As long as he is on the bench, we can move fine. Yes that's a bit harsh for him, but sorry, its just not happening for him right now. I still think a couple of games with the Reserve team would do him good, that is if we are not planning to sell him in the winter. And when there is some hint of form, we can play him in Rambo's position, when he needs a breather. But a strict NO NO for today. If TV is available, he will be there at left back or else Miquel will be the obvious choice.

Another player, whom Arsenal needs to come around finally and step up his performance, is Theo. But he has grossly under performed recently and has bee n very wasteful. AW's reluctance to accept the deficiencies of some players is scary.

I think the key to today's game is Rambo's performance, we know that RVP will be the focal point but the orchestration will depend on Rambo's dominance. So much has been said about the 8-2, and I don't want to impress too much upon it, but it would be good if we could give a good smack.

The other match between  City and Rottenham is being played as I write and Bale has scorched his team to comeback from 2-0 down to 2-2 up. I think a drawn game would be best for Arsenal.

Keeping this short today,..want to get back to the game...

Go Gunners!!


  1. Wait for the super sunday is killing me, united have to win this if they want to get closer to the top spot. A whole lot depends upon valencia n rooney hope valencia performs the same way he performed in the last game, i want to see chicharito in action as well. Coming to spurs vs city, n city scores on a penalty :( neways well played spurs one of the most exciting second half i've ever seen. Best of luck united.

    United we stand! !

  2. Well played united in the first half some brilliant moves, valencia carrired his good form to this match as well and the goal proved it. Still way to go cross fingers.