Saturday 21 January 2012

Aim for the stars..

The only difference between dreams and accomplishments is desire...and if the desire, the ambition is not there, there are chances you might not even make it if you are running alone. Peter Hill-Wood, Arsenal's chairman, thinks finishing outside the top 4 would not be so bad. If this is what we are preparing for, then we don't have any right to call ourselves ambitious. He might be 76, but that does not mean the desire should not be there.

Even now we should be aiming for a title. It does not matter if it is realistic or mere optimism, at least you know and more importantly let others know, what you want. How do this reflect on the team then? The prime motive of any top footballer is to play at the very top level and that is in the Champions League. How do you expect players to stay motivated if you are not playing in the Champions League? It might not be so bad, financially, being outside the top 4 but its very demotivating thinking that you won't be there. Even then, Arsenal will be missing out on the Champions League funds and not to mention the repulsion of top players to come to the club.

Arsene Wenger thinks it really would be a disaster to finish outside the top 4, and quite rightly so. The hunger should still be there, even with the recent bad form. He speaks about the long term rivalry between him and SAF. You can still see that fire of still wanting to beat Manchester United, which is very motivating for the fans and the team. Some of the players would do good to soak some of this inspiration. Never in the past 14years have we finished a season without the top 4. Arseblog re-iterates what I want to state. AW still pondering over his full-back problem, but he has put that post tomorrow's match. His reluctance in patching up these issues is a bit of concern. He said it himself that dropping points due to lack of fullbacks would be stupid. And I think waiting for your injured to come back to boost your options is being a bit slack. The time is here and now and dropped points are dropped points

The referee for the game tomorrow is Mike Dean, and that is another concern and AW knows it too. I am sure he understands where his team has lacked in the recent losses but with the decisions going against you has some impact on your morale. Moreover, Mike Dean has been a bit of a jinx this season, with not a single 3-pointer going our way when he has monitored the game. That's something which is not in our hands, hope the angels shower some sense in him, or if you are wishing for something, then maybe he stays out of the game because of constipation. Amen!

TH14, for me he'll always be 14, speaks about his admiration for Paul Scholes and his tackles(!?). Surely, he wouldn't want to miss tomorrows game against them. Being here for only 6 weeks, and to play against the oldest rivals again, I am sure he must be itching to get back there and I hope he recreates some of the magic, like this blast from the past. I wouldn't complain if he doesn't do it with the same ease, a simple tap-in would do wonders too. I really hopes he makes it, and Scholes is sent off for a tackle, now wouldn't that be just like the old days :-)

Moreover, Rottenham take on Cha-ching City tomorrow. As much as I hate City, I would want them to beat Spurs tomorrow, maybe an added motivation for our team going to the game.

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