Monday 30 January 2012

Back to the future!

It was just one of those rare days, where everything went our way, at least in the second half. I am not going to quote another cliché by saying that it was a "Tale of two halves". I almost did. Like I said yesterday, we needed a bit of luck going our way and we need to do that extra bit for luck to favor us, and we did go that extra mile to have luck favoring us. When was the last time you remember, two penalties going our way in 7 minutes or for that matter two penalties in a whole match? No controversies with the penalties, both valid and both taken beautifully, on either side of the net, by RVP.

Something stirred in the dressing room at half time, that gave that extra muscle to our performance. It's almost as if the team was playing eleven Gollums fighting to get the ring. All we have to do is carry this desire in every match in the season. You could see how much this team has missed a trophy, and the FA cup looks just the thing to quench that thirst.

Surely Wenger was at the heart of the half time inspirational talks, but there has to be more to it. When you look at RVP, TV, The Ox, Kos and this time, surprisingly, Walcott too, there was a sense of urgency. They were staring at the newspaper headlines reading, "Arsenal throw it away again" or whatever juicy bit the media make of it. Sadly for them, they couldn't find any news of Arsenal's demise this time. Neither there is too much being said about the awesome come back. This time they have targeted RVP for an elbow on Cuellar and Alex Mcleish is leading the protests. I don't know if he has got something against RVP, last time Hutton was conned into a red card and this time Cuellar almost murdered. What about the jump by Dunne to score the first goal, he used Kos for stilts to rise above everyone else. I can remember Arshavin being brutally elbowed in the jaw in a PL match, I don't remember the opposition, guess it was Sunderland and Richardson the culprit. Alex Mcleish almost sounded like AW after a defeat(tongue in cheek).

This time I don't want to bicker about AW's histrionics, he deserves some praise for the way he inspired the team to perform in the second half. We might question his decisions at times but the thirst for success has never diminished and its ever increased more than ever. Hope he continues to do the same for the rest of the season.

Well there was no doubt about our activities in this transfer window and this has put an end to all arguments. Its a bit of a concern considering our depth and quality. Hope that our starting XI and their backups see out the season without any injuries.

Having Arteta back was refreshing and you could immediately see the effect of that, with the command we had over our midfield. Rosicky did a decent job and he needs to be more consistent with his creativity. Walcott put in a good shift in the second half and gave that extra bit and was rewarded with a lucky goal. The Ox has been growing in stature and his form continues to impress. I am sure he is going to be a big hit, and I don't want to compare him to Rooney at all, he'll definitely be a better player. Hope it rubs off on his Saints team-mate and reflects in their performance. And how do we forgot about Sagna. Finally we'll have some life on the right :)

For the next rounds draw we might be facing Sunderland or Middlesborough. Hope we can repeat this form in the next round and there is a feeling somewhere, this one is it!

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