Tuesday 24 January 2012

Sunny and positive.

The dust has still not settled and the feeling not yet sunk. The hangover still there, my head needs a dunk!
No matter how much you try to forget about it and try not to dissect the loss, you end up doing it. This morning, leaving for work, I accidentally locked my family inside the house and funnily don't recall doing that. Don't know if I was thinking about Sunday, or trying to get over the fact that I will reach the office soon.

Obviously the fans reaction to the sub has caused quite a stir among the media and something to feed themselves on. Everyone from the "Who's who" of football to the "not so who" have tried analysing the incident in their own way. RVP has been quick to put an end to the matter and zip up the lashing tongues with this article in The Sun and from The Daily Mail.

He says:
"I have worked with the boss long enough to know there's always a good reason behind his decisions — and there was again on Sunday.
When Arsene makes a decision, it is based on a lot of information that everyone else might not know about and he will never betray.
I admire him so much for that."

That should end all speculation about any rifts, at least any apparent ones. Since taking over the captaincy, he has looked more sure of himself and what he wants. The fact that he was upset to see The Ox leaving the field shows how much he wanted the win. The attitude shown by our players has been such a refreshing change from recent seasons. When you look at players like RVP, TV, Szczesny, Koscielny, Arteta, Jack, Ox etc. you know there is something that drives them in every match. The way they act or react is appreciable. I know AW is not a fan favorite right now, but its commendable what he has done this season. Not many managers can boast of picking up his team from down the drains after one month into the season to the 5th place they are right now.
It was not easy going through the summer, though some may argue that he had a clear picture that Fabregas leaving is a major possibility and should have covered the position sufficiently. But who are we kidding, is there really any replacement for Fabregas?? Ramsey is not yet the finished product though you cannot doubt his heart.

When you look at Arshavin, you wish that you wake up from this nightmare. But think what any other player in his position might have done. What if Balotelli or Tevez or Rooney were going though the same kind of bad patch and the crowd had reacted that way. We don't have to look too much in the past what Adebayor did after a bad season, he blames the fans. Nasri openly said that Arsenal fans are not as passionate as City's fans. Arshavin hasn't said a word yet about any disappointment or any depression that would make him want to kill himself. Maybe its all deep down, but he hasn't reacted at all. Maybe it shows in his performances, which is bad for the team. I hope he has a few good years ahead in terms of football, but his chances with Arsenal next season are slimmer than his IPod.

Skeptics will speculate, but I still think that we can make it to the top four. Evolution is a tricky thing and its funny how the human mind adapts. At the beginning of the summer, there was a lot of talk that no one would accept only finishing in the top four good enough. Today our captain speaks about being confident of a top four finish, whilst our respected chairman thinks it wont hurt to not finish in the top four. Surprising how quickly half a season can change your expectations. Scary but true. Don't even want to think what the next season holds, there's still pretty much lot to achieve this season.
We will be realistic and still optimistic of our chances in the rat race that's just begun. Good luck getting over the hangover.

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  1. The new crop definitely looks good.. Szczesny, Koscielny, JW, Ox and even Frimpng.. they got got real talent..
    from the ManU game i see more positives..
    Ox had a excellent debut to premier league, Rosicky was creative, only if he does the same every game here on.. Mertesacker was splendid.. a silver lining in the match.. somehow i find our defence much more resounding then ever.. as and wen full-backs return, to wont b easy to breach..
    Definitely credit to AW from bringing the team from shambles to contending for Elite European League.. lets not forget we r still running in Champs league and FA Cup..

    But what puts fear in every fan is when we see RVP holding his ankle or limping.. simply bcoz there is no visible replacement.. we would be lucky if Parks and Chamakhs fire in immediate future.. and thats what tells the story of our this season.. we lack depth compared to Suprs, City, Chelsea or ManU.. i dont say we lack quality on bench, but considering these top clubs, we will really need to play out of our skins to finish in top four..
    I just hope we finish up top and hope good sense prevail as 'In Arsene We Trust' ..

  2. yes the defense looks good this season, some how the zonal marking is getting better. Per was good that day, he needs to add some pace which is difficult at his age but its the EPL. I just keep my fingers crossed about RVP not getting injured, so much so that I think just talking about it might jinx it. I dont know Spurs depth, they have been lucky with injuries or the lack of them. If any of their stars get injured, they simply dont have enough cover, and lets not forget, they dont play Champions league this season so there schedule is not as jam-packed. Fingers crossed, touch wood!