Thursday 26 January 2012

More whining!

Like I said yesterday, Coach Boone decided to take his team to Gettysburg and have an open talk and put some sense into the players who need it. Wonder who'll be doing that for Boone..AW? Hope is the one thing we can count on right now and obviously RVP too. I think the only thing that can surprise fans right now will be a trophy. Some news came out that TH14 visited the Emirates trophy room and joked that it was the same as he had left it, maybe some cobwebs on it.

AW has called for change in the player loan rules. He says that only players below the age of 21 should be allowed to be loaned to other clubs. Currently the situation is that the rival clubs loan a player to rival clubs and according to the rules that player can't play against his home club but benefits the loanee. Lot of this might be coming from the fact that Adebayor has been loaned out to Rottenham and has proved quite a charm to them. However, he did not feature against ManShitty because of the loan rules. Arsenal themselves have Benayoun on loan from Chelsea who is on the wrong side of 30. However, we didn't have a choice then, since Jack was supposed to go through surgery and we needed some cover in that position, AW's words. The fact is that Benayoun has not played even 25% of the matches that Jack would have played. But I ask why to think about stuff that is clearly not in our hands, AW is not on the EPL shit rule-maker members club. He should be thinking about negating his own weaknesses instead of such stupid and trivial things. I mean what does he think, if the loan rules would have been as he says then Arsenal won't be in this position? The blame is on everyone related to the clubs and fans are not an exception. Our away support has been more vocal and active than the home support this season.

The focus has to be on Sunday's FA Cup clash with Alex McLEECH's team. Ignasi Miquel is focussed and talks about his dream to play at Wembley, which is good to see. There is nothing more exciting than aspiring youngsters hungry for success and ready to take on the world. Maybe it would brush on some of the experienced players.

Almost a week has gone by since the AW-Ox swapped and AW mentioned before the game that he will look into the transfer markets for LB options. No talk, no rumors no murmurs yet though. Taye Taiwo, AC Milans LB has signed been signed by QPR on loan. I am not flinching, just saying. I dont know who he is or how good a player is he. AW stated that it would be stupid to drop three points because we don't have a left back, and we have already dropped purely because of that. Yes that IS stupid and we have been flirting with our luck and the clubs chances to progress this season. You simply can't expect a club of Arsenal's level to perform that low, 8 defeats!, and still come out good. Well at least not unless the competitors perform even lower which never seems to happen. The injury crisis always seems to hit Arsenal hard, all the bad luck goes our way, all the referees think that Arsenal is a ghetto and any kind of success to us is simply not acceptable. It's time we realised the problem lies somewhere else and it has its roots deep down. The sad thing is we have overlooked these problems and have been whining about others.

I don't have an immediate solution for this or don't know how to come out of this mess in a better way. I certainly have some pointers which would be beneficial, but if that was true, I would have been the manager.

Have a nice Thursday!

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