Saturday 3 March 2012

Arsenal at Anfield.

Liverpool vs Arsenal, Anfield, 3rd March. Kick-off: 1815hrs IST.

I have a question for all the math or statistics freaks out there, tell me exactly, how does on calculate the probability of a person getting transferred from one club to another, in percentage terms. Is their a mathematical formula for this? Apparently there was some news about former Leverkusen manager, Reiner Calmund, claiming there is "90% chance" Podolski will join Arsenal. I am not quite sure how he arrived at those figures. But hey, if he joins Arsenal then it's good and if not then we'll have our summer speculations over some other player. But he is not going to help us today in anyway, so lets just keep him out of scope for now.

According to AW TV was "forced" to play the international friendly against Greece and he had to play the whole 90minutes and it's obvious that there was some problem with his ankle, again, otherwise Wenger would not have complained, he wouldn't hurt a fly if it wasn't necessary. Some people might think, to play the whole 90minutes is the minimum expectation from a professional football player. However, the international manager doesn't have to bear the burden of the injury if a player gets hurt, and to Arsenal, if TV doesn't play, is a major blow.

The fitness tests were due to happen Friday evening to decide who'll play. The official website just declared that the team will be unchanged from last week's which is right, according to me, you don't want to change a  winning team to keep the momentum going. Obviously, RVP and TV, both came clean through the fitness tests. I can imagine AW standing with a stick in his hand and making round big eyes at RVP and TV to gain full fitness. But I am glad that our captain and vice-captain will be on the pitch. Other than that, Diaby has come back from his annual injury vacation. Although he won't start straight away even if AW is happy to have him back. AW says, and I agree completely, it would be a gamble to play him straight away. He will be on the bench, pushing Park out of his spectator's seat. Gervinho, again will be on the bench.

Your job could not be any simpler, and Wenger must have given them a one-fold task, "Number one, WIN THE MATCH!". Which is what this season's fight should all be about. The emphasis should be on winning, and I don't care how they do it or if what it takes to win this match is some ugly football. As long as the team implements the Three C's(again), they should be fine. Even Liverpool is going through a bit of a crisis, even though they avoided what would have been a repeat of our last season calamity. They are still under some pressure of joining the top four and that, according to Kenny, is their priority now.

Anfield can be a tricky place, the fans there love their team a lot and have stuck by them through every bit of history. They will make sure that they drain out the last piece of voice in their throats, generally trying to unsettle Arsenal. However, our away team fans how shown amazing support. It's also good to see an experienced Arsenal team on the pitch, which means that they should be able to handle the pressure well and then they would have to concentrate on the performance.

Just a few minutes from kick-off, so keeping it short. Hope the Gunners kick the crap out of Liverpool and repeat the kind of performance against Rottenham. Last, but not the least, AW has received the Barclays Manager of the month trophy for his teams 3 wins out of 4 in February. He was a bit shocked at the decision, as was I, given that the world has been going for his neck and asking the board to do a La' Abra. All the more reason for the team to be charged up!
Go Gunners!

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