Saturday 31 March 2012


Kos returns to the starting lineup.

Hello again to everyone! I am back where I belong, and ready to byte away on the blogosphere.

We play against QPR today, at Loftus road. If we win, it'll be our eighth consecutive in the league, and according to Arsene, that is where he has placed his current focus on. With the gap between Manc and Arsenal not looking as big, thanks to Arsenal's current form, there are bound to be expectations.
But Arsene says,
We will try to give our best. What we can hope for is to be third. We can be fourth, we can be fifth, we can be sixth - we want to be as high as possible and that depends on our consistency now.
That is understood, and he just wants to keep his team's feet on the ground and not lose any focus from goal and add unwanted pressure on the team. Further he says,
We are in a position that nobody expected us to be in and we want to strengthen that position from now on. That depends on our performances. I see us fighting like mad on Saturday to win the game. That's all I see, I don't see further. We are focused on QPR, believe me. We know that is always a tricky game for everybody and that is what is important to us. After that we focus on the next one and our capability to finish the season in a strong way depends on just how much we focus on every game.
Yes its true that, back in September, no one would have believed that Arsenal would be in the third place, given the recent results and the depth and supposedly "under-quality" squad. But the team has faced all criticism that they could get, taken all the failures that came and have reached the spot where we are now.

The match is being played as I write, and speaking about the team, we have just one change, Ramsey starts in place of Gervinho. Kos has returned to the starting lineup after having a fitness test. Ox again starts on the bench.

Our London rivals, Chelsea play against Villa at an away match. Not that I care if anyone loses, but it is more important that we keep our consistency and not depend on others to lose matches so that we could move ahead on the table.

Keeping it short again, getting back to the match.
Go Gunners!!

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