Thursday 8 March 2012

Peace and quiet!

Happy Holi to everyone! Feels quite peaceful after an amazing 2-3 weeks of great football and total success. We still have time before we start talking and speculating about the next game, the team have had enough of running around, it's time to relax those muscles and build up on that stamina again. While they are at it, I am going to enjoy a peaceful long weekend at the beach too!! Nothing on my mind, not work just plain bliss.

Just the usual rounds of news this morning. A.C. Milan are still trying to get their tail out from between their legs and Arsenal are still bragging about the win and the almost the famous comeback in Champions League history. As far as rumors are concerned, the Podolski one has increased a bit in size and now they are alleging that may be even Cologne have agreed upon a deal with Arsenal. Will just have to wait until summer to find out if it's true, won't we?

Other than, there are also rumors about Mancini revealing openly that he wants RVP to play for him next season, but, who doesn't want him. Right from Al Wasl and all that, to Real Madrid and Barcelona. Who wouldn't want the kind of striker who can score goals almost whenever you want him too? His record has been outstanding for the past one year, he is only the third Arsenal player in the last 40 years to score 25 league goals in a single season!

We don't play this weekend but late on Monday, so we'll have some news about the possible team that will play against Newcastle. Till then I am just going to chill and have a fun time, I suggest you do too!
Happy Women's Day to all the ladies, enjoy!

Keep it peaceful!

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