Tuesday 27 August 2013


When you take to pen after quite some time, and things around you begin to happen fast, it is sometimes difficult to decide as to where to start.. we have a Champions League playoff game tonight and transfer season that is about to go berserk.. i decided to focus on transfers today as i believe we passed a major hurdle back in Turkey last week..

We are in the last week of transfer season and it is restlessness or frustration, i don't know, but it is really getting a bit scary. Wenger still seem to be featuring in front of media with same positivity or pessimism, depends how you view it, about the transfers as he did all through this summer.. he ensured that his love for nail-biting transfer saga continues for another season...

I wish the agony and pain would end soon. I so wish time forwards to the next week and we have a bunch of "top, top, top" players playing for the red and whites.

I wish I had kept the record of all the players linked to Arsenal this year,  I'm sure the number must have crossed hundred and still Mr. Wenger found it difficult to unearth a select few that could meet the mark.. or i must say beat the mark given his thrust for quality..

Yet still, somewhere deep down, there is a feeling, there is a feeling of "In Arsene We Trust". I for one have the believe that Arsene will delivery on his promise to bring in quality players. My only fear being - would they be sufficient to make us tittle contenders and not just secure the fourth place.

Wenger admitted he fell flat and got stumped by the Suarez's supposed "release clause". Classic case of "Bird in hand is worth two in the bush". We messed up Higuain deal by the lure of Suarez and partly because Real raised his price.. which one had more prominent impact is what only Wenger and Dick can tell..

We have the deadwood out and in the terms of management we have made ourselves "lean". B52 is like the fungus sticking so high up on the tree branch that it is difficult to reach and remove..
As for re-inforcements, I see three places requiring "immediate, immediate, immediate" filling .. (Wenger's lingo does seem to make an impact on my English!) - a quality centre-back, a defensive mid and the centre-forward.
 I agree performances of Szczesny havent been great, but i still believe he is good enough and should not be a priority when we have other places in the team literally bleeding..
Today we have the names of Ozil, Benzema, Angel Di Maria, Cabaye making the rounds with Arsenal-boy Flamini appearing prominent to make a return..
Di Maria sounds to be a wonderful proposition and it would be interesting to see how he would fit in the system if he comes aboard.. Benzema is just a far-fetched hope with the player preferring to stay put in Madrid..
Cabaye is a good talent.. a more of like-for-like replacement for Arteta.. Effective midfielder and good at dead-ball situations.. so with Arsene looking for versatility as he mentioned in the pre-match conference yesterday for the Fenerbache match, it makes me feel the deal may just not go through if Arsene can get his 'discreet' targets..

Interesting.. All very Interesting.. a wait-and-watch game.. hope it ends well..
Expecting a win today and importantly no injury concerns...

Gunner Love.

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