Saturday 7 July 2012

Gun-Ultimate is Back..
After a couple months of hibernation, Gun-Ultimate is finally back.. .

There is too much to catch up on from the last post here
Come May and we had a satisfying 3rd place finish in premier league, a spot in Champions League play-offs..  Finished over the Spuds..a decent finish to the end of the campaign.. I guess any Gunner will be happy with where we finished with the resources we had..

It was followed by a mixed-bag June though I must say..
Super fab RVP couldn’t get past the league stage,
Szczesny red carded in game 1..
Mertesacker warmed the bench, ­­
Kos got an odd-game,
Rosicky doing well to get Czech through the league..
Ox looked impressive.. what a bright future this kid has! ..Theo too had a decent Euro.. especially against the Swedes..
Arshavin.. looked decent until Russia’s surprise fall-out..
Bendtner was fabulous for the Danes.. hope it increases his market-value!
And our new boys in the town..

Lukas Podolski.. looked a bit rusty though i think he was playing a little off position wih Mario leading from front..
Olivier Giroud.. didn’t get much game time to showcase his skills..

The forced staff changes brings Steve Bould and Neil Banfield  to the first-team coaching staff after Pat Rice’s departure. It will be different to see a new face after getting used to seeing Pat Rice so often..

The 2012-13 EPL schedule is out and I see some not-so-easy fixtures lined up at start.. 5 out of 6 fixtures are such, that we can't afford to be rusty and dropping points.. We kick-start with Sunderland at home, followed by Stoke and Liverpool away.. Southampton at home.. should be the easiest.. and then Shitty away followed by the derby clash with Chelsea at home.. no wonder Aaron Ramsey says ‘Strong start can make a difference’.

Now let’s get to  the real business – The Transfer Market..
I wonder how always Arsenal is linked up with  so many and becomes nearly the most talked about side in the epl transfer market.. is it just because the way Wenger handles his business and keeps things too late..
But this time, we see a changed man in him.. he got Podolski and Giroud deal way early by his standard.. credit to him for learning from mistakes.. but there is still lot of unfinished business.. lets us stroll through the Arsenal market…

I know first thing everybody wants to hear is what RVP is saying or what he is going to say or what he is going to do..  the latest quote by RVP to skysports:
“I've thought long and hard about it, but I have decided not to extend my contract.”
"You guys, the fans, have of course the right to disagree with my view and decision and I will always respect your opinions”
That just sums it up for the time-being. It is hard to speculate where he might end up. Theres Juve, theres Shitty with title.. Till the time there is no confirmation of done deal, we can keep our fingers crossed.. My guess is Shitty might be the one after all.. lets wait n watch..

There is some good news floating in as well. Sao Paolo has extended the loan period for Denilson.. One monkey off the back for Mr. Wenger!

What happens of Carlos Vela?
Carlos looks to settle himself at Real Sociedad but the 3m-6m gap is a little too much to clear up very quickly..

Who wants B52?
There is just so much and so little about Nicklas that it is hard to believe the turn of events that can happen. Especially after a wonderful Euro he had with goals and ‘Paddy Power’.. There is Galatasaray and there is Malaga leading the race… he might as well end up being loaned for another season…

News on Chamkah and Squillaci is too limited even after rigorous scavenging, so not much to speak on them.

Lastly we have the Olymics where we can expect few of our players representing national colours.
With AW meaning business this time round and Sports extravaganza hitting the world theres lot to see and hear in this month of July..

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  1. Thanks Shantanu, for bringing the Gun-ultimate back to life. Yes we will be back to regular posts once again now. Very good summary about the past couple of months. I am really concerned about the hype surrounding RVP's situation and also Usmanov's open letter, I mean what the hell was that about!!